Although my business is listed as a sole trader, I work closely with a network of marketing, manufacturing and distribution people. After 24 years in the safety industry, I have many contacts involving many types of product.

My business has now been running for over 2 years. My primary commitment is to the Sundtsrom brand in Queensland. Outside of that contract, I am permitted to run my own range of products, providing that I do not promote any alternative respiratory protection, to Sundstrom, and that my range caters to the same customer base.

My range contains a variety of products which I have the experience to service. The range includes:

  • Head protection (Australian standards approved) including spares, such as harnesses and sweat bands. Manufactured in Australia
  • Eye protection – 2 styles of spec and a goggle available
  • Face protection. Silenta branded visors with European approvals. Australian approvals being worked on
  • Hearing protection – Australian agent for Silenta hearing protection out of Finland. Australian approvals. Passive and electronic / communications sets, spares, and visor / muff combinations. The hearing protection range is approved in combination with the head protection.
  • Moulded products – a variety of products for different applications
  • Gas Detection
  • Bata Industrial Footwear
  • Photoluminescent products
  • Electronic safety devices
  • Oil and fuel additives
  • Diesel exhaust fluid (AdBlue)
  • Chemicals
  • Inflatable rubber lifting pads and pipe plugs
  • Other specialised products

My personal background:

  • 20 years of experience in operations and logistics. I have moved many products around 4 different countries, including most Australian States.
  • 24 years in sales, including the safety industry, industrial rubber products, Davey pumps, and other products.
  • 20 years around Queensland / NT, in the safety industry.
  • 14 years more specifically in head, eye, face, hearing and respiratory protection.
  • In my previous role I:
    • Worked with QFRS on their BA requirements
    • Worked with Qld Ambulance on their respiratory requirements – every ambulance person had one of “my” full-face masks
    • Achieved a “world first” for my employer, with the sale of CBRN respirators into Qld Police Forensics division
    • Assisted Biosecurity Qld with their respiratory protection program (Hendra Virus, swine flu, avian flu, etc.)